I’ve never lived in an apartment building before, so I’m not quite sure the proper apartment neighbor etiquette.  Part of me just wanted to knock on every door on my floor to introduce myself and another part of me hoped I might drunkenly knock into each of them on the elevator and become fast friends. That first part might end in some retraining orders and the second part would involve a lot of drunken nights and probably some awkward looks, if not calls to the police; so no thank you.

While moving in, my jackass (lovely) brother decided it was a great idea to try to ride the luggage trolley from the middle of my apartment into the hallway like a skateboard. While doing so, he not only nearly impaled himself in the doorway but rammed trolley first into my neighbors door.  As he continued down the hallway like a retarded Tony Hawk, I locked up and prayed to the heavens that none of my neighbors were home to hear the ruckus. Low and behold, a  girl with an English accent (we’ll call her Brit.) opens the door to “make sure everything was OK”, but probably wanting to use a few choice words besides those. We exchange “hellos” and pleasantries; I assure her all is well out here besides my brothers impaled skull and we continue our move in.

So, my first encounter with a neighbor. Awkward. Rude (on my end). But, I want a friend! So what do I do? What any normal person would do, of course… find her on facebook.

I’m happy to report that the we’ve had our first neighborly date (for an early elevenses of coffee and cake) and it went quite well.  I guess I should thank my brother for this new friendship. Or maybe facebook. Or maybe Tony Hawk.


2 Comments to ““Neighbours””

  1. One word: awesome 🙂 You just never know how & when you will meet cool people.

  2. Yeah! And we’ve been chatting and hanging out ever since! Meant to be? haha

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