“Peapod vs. Conventional Grocery Shopping”

This post could also be titled “The Lazy Man’s Way of Acquiring Groceries vs. The Antiquated Loading Up of Your Actual (Not Virutal) Shopping Cart”, but that’s a little long winded though, don’t you think?

So, after I saw my lovely neighbor get her groceries delivered and brought right into her apartment (20 floors up! no lugging bags!), I decided to give Peapod a whirl.  My first order came today and while I was pleased to see all my produce was fresh, all my frozens were still frozen and my coupons were indeed accepted, there were still a few sanfus that made me miss conventional grocery shopping. So will I use Peapod again? I’m still debating.

Let’s do a Pros and Cons list!

Pros of Peapod

-No waiting in line
-Delivered right to door
-Awareness of spending and
can edit before purchase
-After placing order can continue
to add new products as I think of
-Makes it easy to meal plan and see
meal combinations
-There’s a mobile app to edit my list
-Stops me from impulse buying
-Saves on gas
-Don’t have to lug groceries up 20 flights
-Don’t have to load up my car in inclement

Cons of Peapod

-Shipping charge
-Encourages laziness
-Not everything available
online (ex: my local eggs),
so I will still need to go to store.
-Have to put shipping into my budget
which may equal less food
-Can’t use my reusable shopping bags;
lots of plastic bags used.

Peapod has a lot more pros that I intially thought. If I utilize it correctly, Peapod could actually be a very helpful service in more ways than just allowing me to be a lazy bum and not walk up and down aisles. I can meal plan, keep track of my spending, not impulse buy, save myself more time for other things (like working out!) and overall have a more efficient method of purchasing and preparing meals. I will, however, still need to go and pick up my eggs and other randoms as needed, but I think I’ll be able to deal.  Now, if only I could get my hands on some free shipping codes…


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