Blankets of Happiness

Like, literal blankets.

Going through my apartment I noticed that aside from my bed, I have a whopping six throw blankets scattered over chairs, draped in baskets and folded onto ottomans. I like to think that this is a direct respresentation of who I am as a person. I’m cozy. I thrive on cozy. I live cozy. First of all, my apartment is 450 square feet- including a kitchen, dining area, bed/couch, three chairs, two ottomans, dresser, washer/dryer, walk-in closet and bathroom. Cramped to you? Blissful to me.

My home is my retreat and I would want anyone who comes into my home to feel the same way. Every seating area (aside from the dining table) comes adorned with a blanket. I want you to come into my home, sit down, snuggle up with a blanket, drink a cup of tea or have a glass of wine and feel at home.

Who cares if it’s New England Winter, 12 degrees out with snow banks up to my knees? No matter what it’s like outside and no matter what my day has been like prior to walking through my apartment door, I know that once I sit down and cover myself with a blanket – everything will be OK.


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