Waste of Money

Well, shit.

I was watching Tosh.0 tonight and saw an ad for this online bidding website where people were getting iPads and iMacs and 55″ TVs for $1.42 and such craziness. So, I was like, killer! Let’s go check this out.

Well, “free” is never really free is it? Free registration cost me $60 to sign up and get 100 bids. Each bid costs ME $.10 but only ups the auction price $.01. I find myself some auctions that were ending within seconds and thought “hot damn! let me sneak in at the last second!”. Come to freakin’ find, every time there’s a new bid, the clock goes up another 10 – 20 seconds. Are you KIDDING me?

So, I’ve already spent the $60 and there’s no way I’ll get it back. I might as well have fun with it. I won two auctions. $25 to Famous Footwear and $10 to Chilis (plus paying the costs and shipping & handling for said auctions- about $6 all together). Okay, so I spent $66 on $35 of gift certificates and wasted about an hour of my time.



Then I opened up a West Elm credit card.. because I wanted to earn “design points” on my upcoming $300 purchase. Wait, didn’t I just pay off all my credit cards?


Well, shit.


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