25 Before Twenty Five

Here I’d like to compile a list of 25 things to accomplish before turning twenty five (May 2014). I know it seems like a long way away, but I have a feeling some of these things are going to be pretty lofty, so four years is probably a safe bet.  I’ll keep you all updated as I compile the list and of course, as I cross items off!

25 Before Twenty Five:

1. Visit every country I’m from (England, Ireland, Scotland, Canada, Germany and Holland)
2. Lose 20lbs (for health reasons) and in the process, make peace with my body
3. Become a certified yoga instructor
4. See New England foliage from a hot air balloon
5. Come to face to face with my fear of sharks (literally face to face… shark cage anyone?)
6. Go sky diving
7. Learn to sew
8. Save enough money to buy my next car in full!
9. Go to Vegas and learn to play Poker


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