Hi! I’m Jessica.

My life: 2011.

Okay, to fully grasp why my life in 2011 is so surprising, let’s rewind a whole year back to my life:  January 2010.  There I sit, 20 years old, “widow” of the military, living in cookie cutter suburbia, spending my Friday nights snuggling with my cat while knitting on the couch, with less spice in my life than a chickpea.

I spent almost twelve full months like that. Boy, did that couch has a wicked butt mark on it. But seriously. My life was dull and I was dull. In what should have been the prime year of my life (about to turn 21! hello?!), I was limp noodle with no sauce.

Fast forward. Not quite to the present but to the not so long ago. November 2010.Well, the short and the long of it: soldier returns. I have epiphany. I leave. Get it? No hard feelings either way. Ciao dude.

Now, to the present. I am 21, single, living in a beautiful new high rise in the city. I’ve gone from tied down, middle aged housewife to vivacious, short haired (! I cut off 9 inches) city girl! I have the world at my finger tips and two very wobbly legs to stand on.

What the hell have I gotten myself into?


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